Concerto Commerce Launches PrestoSync for Automotive Aftermarket Retailers

‍As the only platform with PrestoSync technology available, Concerto Commerce now makes getting reseller stores up and running easier than ever.
October 28, 2022


Concerto Commerce, Inc., an eCommerce and integrated product catalog maintenance platform, announced the launch of its PrestoSync system today. This launch means access to hundreds of brands and over one million products for automotive aftermarket retailers.

Concerto Commerce is revolutionizing underserved reseller markets, currently tackling the automotive aftermarket industry. Creators of the new eCommerce fintech platform know and understand the pain points of trying to resell in the industry: the hundreds of hours to get set up, time spent maintaining the store weekly, missed opportunities and much more. Concerto Commerce was created to solve this pain of getting a store ready quickly while still having accurate, easy-to-search inventory that stays up to date.

As the only platform with PrestoSync technology, Concerto Commerce is the best vehicle for getting hundreds of thousands of products on a reseller store in a matter of hours. Access to over a million products makes it easy for stores to get products up at the click of a button. The innovative technology includes AI-powered automation that eliminates expensive, time-intensive catalog management as well as a world-class shopping cart that is easy to navigate.

"Today’s resellers are getting squeezed from every direction and we know they need to focus more time on sales and less time on managing their online store,” said Paul Huff, Chief Executive Officer at Concerto Commerce. “Having run my own store, I know their pain. PrestoSync solves that for managing their product catalog. Worry free.”

Concerto Commerce’s PrestoSync system is only the start. With plans to release full distributor integration for a completely automated integration soon, the eCommerce platform will have inventory synchronization, precise shipping information based on distributor warehouse location and automated tracking number synchronization from distributors. For this launch, integrated distributors will includeTurn14, Meyers, Premier, Torqued, Motorstate and Transamerican Wholesale.

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Concerto Commerce, Inc. aims to revolutionize how retailers interact with manufacturers and their customers. Concerto Commerce makes running an e-commerce store effortless witha unique cloud automation platform and central Product Data Warehouse that can automate creating an online store catalog and keep it up to date while delivering on the logistical integration retailers need. We combine aworld-class shopping cart with a database of over 1 million products. To learn more, visit