Concerto Commerce Announces Partnership with Agile Financial Systems

This partnership offers businesses a one-stop shop for setting up and managing modern eCommerce stores.
July 1, 2022


SOUTHLAKE, TX July 1, 2022

Concerto Commerce, an eCommerce and integrated product catalog

maintenance platform, today announced its partnership with Agile Financial Systems, a financial technology

company specializing in payment processing solutions. Retailers can use Concerto Commerce to access

streamlined product management, complete supply chain integration, and seamless shipping and fulfillment.


Retailers have historically had difficulties managing complex supply catalogs. Disjointed and

antiquated technology have made it harder for them to quickly set up modern eCommerce stores

and scale revenue into multiple channels. Even with advancements in payments technology,

retailers are still navigating the friction of over complicated supply chains and manually

maintaining their store catalogs.


Concerto Commerce simplifies this process by aggregating many of the basic tools and functions

retailers need with AI-powered product catalog automation with synchronization between

storefronts and distributors. This offers retailers a cost-effective and all-encompassing solution to

maintain, process, procure and deliver products to their customers. It supports retailers and users

of any size and industry, from mom-and-pop boutiques to large auto parts stores.


“As an increasing amount of customer purchases come from e-commerce websites, we know

merchants don’t want to have to manually update their product prices and inventory. Through

our automation technology, merchants can showcase their entire product catalog with ease. This

platform is perfect for consumers that want mobile-friendly browsing and seamless transactions,”

said Paul Huff, chief executive officer at Concerto Commerce, Inc.


Retailers and businesses can leverage the technology and diverse features that Concerto

Commerce offers to host more modern and user-friendly eCommerce websites. A highly

accessible set of shopping cart features including multi-vendor support, multi-lingual support and

mobile commerce capabilities allow retailers to unlock a broader customer base.


“The eCommerce share of total retail sales has grown two to five times faster than before the

pandemic. With Concerto Commerce, our retailers are completely prepared to deliver the modern

eCommerce experience their customers need with a diverse set of core features,” said Huff.


The lack of access to a streamlined cataloging and integration process can be a major financial

roadblock for retailers. For example, if a retailer is using an outdated platform or antiquated

technology to manage their catalog, they may not be able to connect their physical store to their

website inventory without purchasing an expensive third-party tool. Concerto Commerce cuts

through this tedious experience and drives down customer costs by eliminating this expensive

process and offering a highly usable platform with streamlined payment processing options for



“Concerto Commerce changes the way retailers interact with their customers,” said Dustin Siner,

chief revenue officer at Agile Financial Systems. “This partnership fills a necessary gap in the

eCommerce marketplace.”


Agile Financial Systems partnership with Concerto Commerce compliments both businesses,

with multiple features available to consumers including product fulfillment automation,

automated product catalog creation and maintenance, and accessible payment processing options.


“With Concerto Commerce, businesses can provide a truly omnichannel and mobile-ready

experience to their customers. We are excited to partner with this platform and look forward to

delivering modern eCommerce tools and affordable payment processing solutions to our

customers,” said Corey Young, chief executive officer at Agile Financial Systems.


Concerto Commerce, Inc. is available to retailers in the U.S. To learn more about Agile Financial

Systems and Concerto Commerce Inc., please visit


About Concerto Commerce, Inc.

Concerto Commerce, Inc. aims to revolutionize how retailers interact with manufacturers and their customers. Concerto Commerce makes running an e-commerce store effortless with a unique cloud automation platform and central Product Data Warehouse that can automate creating an online store catalog and keep it up to date while delivering on the logistical integration retailers need. We combine a world class shopping cart with a database of over 1 million products. To learn more, visit


About Agile Financial Systems (“AFS”)

Agile Financial Systems (AFS) isan innovative financial technology company based in Southlake, TX revolutionizing the financial technology industry through all-encompassing payment processing solutions. AFS operates with the goal to provide omnichannel services and financial payment solutions to a variety of business owners. To learn more, visit