About Us



We are building the next generation end to end commerce paltform. We go beyond the "e" in ecommerce to make your business happen. How do we do that? We hire the best and most passionate people.

We are cutting edge

We have some of the brightest minds working on a best of suite of cutting edge technologies. What does this do for you? Puts you ahead of your competition. Reduces your costs and by partnering with us elevates your technology investment.

We care about our investors

We are very selective with who invests as they help shape the culture and future. We care deeply about their ideas and they take an active role in shaping the vision of Concerto.

We have our Mission

To create an easy and seamless experience to connect people with the world of commerce, enterprises with a simpler solution so they can focus on their strengths and retailers with suppliers to allow a more focused and consumer oriented approach to commerce online.